Coming Events

Weekly Schedule

Church Services – Sunday’s at 10:30 am & Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

Communion – First Sunday of each month, and at homes and hospitals by request.

Administrative Committee  – Meets every other Wednesday at 6:00 pm via Zoom.  All members of the congregation are invited to attend this meeting of the Church Leadership, which is hosted by Clarene Capuano.  Please contact the Church by phone or email and you will be sent a link to join the meeting.

Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday, March 28th  – Regular in-person and Zoom service at 10:30 am.  Palms will be available at the church. 

Maundy Thursday, April 1st.  – 7:00 pm in person and Zoom service.  Communion will be served at the church.  If you will be remembering the Last Supper at home, you are encouraged to have some bread and juice available.  The service will conclude with a Tenebrae Service (a Service of Darkness) and the stripping of the church.  Both Reverends Jamhoury and Maimone will be leading worship.

Easter Sunday, April 4th, Celebrate the resurrection of our Lord at 10:30 am in person and via Zoom.  Communion will be served as we witness new life.

Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd Regular in-person and Zoom service at 10:30 am.  Join us as we celebrate the founding of the church.  To honor this occasion, we ask everyone to wear RED, which symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit.

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Special Events

June 6th: A Day To Celebrate:

Join us for worship on June 6, 10:30 AM as we ordain and install our newly elected Elders and Deacons.  Since it is the first Sunday of the month, we will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  Come for worship and plan to stay for refreshments after worship.  And yes, if you are still uncomfortable about in person worship, we will be broadcasting on Zoom.  Please join this special day!

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 This morning we are pleased to welcome the Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli and Ruling Elder Beverly Ballard.  Rev. Brincivalli is the Executive Presbyter of the newly formed Presbytery for Southern New Jersey of which WMPC is a member.  Elder Ballard is a member of the Committee on Ministry (COM).  Please be sure to make them feel a true Barnegat welcome.


Good News!  Remember a few weeks back we elected officers of the church, elders and deacons?  Well today, we are privileged to ordain and install our officers.  Please note that once a person is ordained to an office, they are ordained to that office for life.  However, when an officer is elected for a certain term, they are installed to that service.  Our officers being ordained and/or installed today are:

Ruling Elders: Len Capuano, Angie Kirsch, and Alice Mote are being installed.  Keith Barrow is being ordained and installed.

Deacons:  Susan Barrow, Mike Coates, Liz Jimenez, Robert Kirsch, and Jean Wrisley are being installed as Deacons.

Please Note:  We care about the health and safety of all our worshippers; therefore, we continue to practice Social Distancing between members and families, at least for a while longer.  However, now that mask wearing has become optional for those who are vaccinated, we here at WMPC place the choice in your hands.  Masks and hand sanitizer are available for anyone who would prefer continuing to wear a mask. Please be sure to sign in.

Help Wanted!  Do you like reading to your grandchildren?  Then you might be just the person to be a Worship Assistant.  Instead of reading to the children, you will be reading to the congregation.  Everything is printed out for you in LARGE PRINT.  Please prayerfully considering volunteering.