The mission of the Communication and Outreach Committee of Wright Memorial Presbyterian Church is to increase and improve communication within our church, the surrounding community, and beyond to effectively promote our church’s ministry and mission of serving and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

With our church closing in early 2020 due to COVID and with the retirement of our pastor, most activities came to a halt.  Since the reopening in March 2021 and with the granting of original jurisdiction to the Administrative Commission (AC), much has been done to improve communications and make WMPC more accessible and visible in the community.   Church services were made available via live streaming on Zoom, the website was improved and updated and church answering systems, microphones and other electronic functions were installed, things that could not have been accomplished without the AC and which enabled those searching for a church to more easily find us.

Our communication efforts involve written, verbal and, most importantly, electronic means.  We will work closely with the pastor and with other church committees when we can help them achieve their goals.  We will facilitate internal communication so as to encourage greater involvement in church life and provide transparency and strive to help many of the former church activities to resume so that we may better serve our congregants and the community.

This committee meets at 1 p.m. in the Upper Room on the last Tuesday of each month. Should you like to share your gifts as a member of this committee, please contact Elder Alice Mote at