About Us

WMPC is a small friendly family church. People of all ages and from many traditions come together to – worship – sing – laugh – break bread – share – study – hug – pray – play and much more. We welcome people like you!!!!

The Church Anchor

You should know a little about the large anchor up on the front of our church building. It is there for a few reasons:

  • Our church is a part of a shore town and so an anchor is appropriate.
  • The cruciform or cross shape of an anchor’s stock may have been the reason for the anchor symbol to be used very early in the history of the Christian Church as a sign for grounding of all believers, their trust in the cross of Christ.
  • The use of an anchor as a symbol is related to the Bible verse in Hebrews 6:19 speaking of our Christian hope.

The Church Tower

Our Church congregation dates back to 1876, the building being a former music hall/opera house. (That’s why we like concerts and music, to keep that tradition going). Our tower was added in 1883 through a gift of Mrs. Sarah Remsen.

The Memorial Walk

On the south side of the church is a shaded patio with a bench where people may sit and enjoy the flowers in summer and contemplate the names of loved ones and the inspiring messages inscribed on the pavers at their feet.

The Garden

In summer the church and manse yards are awash with flowers. Everyone is welcome to walk through the garden or sit and rest there a while. In June the church and Sunday School picnic is held in the garden. Join us for a glass of ice tea, a burger or a slice of watermelon.


Yes, that’s food! So many of our ministries include food, to share, to give away, to nourish one another; and Presbyterian cooks are among the best in the world! People have raved about the crumb cakes we sell at our Bake Sales, about the delicious soups we sell at our luncheons, and about our Spaghetti dinners, just to name a few. Join us and enjoy!