Before Worship

At 10:00 AM music begins. We gather to sing, to praise, to and enjoy the presence of our brothers and sisters beginning to enter the sanctuary for the worship of Almighty God.

At 10:15 we have some Sunday School songs and story.

At 10:25 our organist prepares our hearts further with a prelude.

The Worship Hour – 10:30 AM

We have blended worship at Wright Memorial. This means we blend together various kinds of worship styles, not too formal, not too informal. We use some of the great hymns and anthems of the Christian Church. We use some of the old gospel songs and some of the new praise songs. We use some Presbyterian hymns as well as some hymns of other traditions. We use some spirituals and some hymns of the African American tradition, blue grass and country western music.


Over and over again people are heard saying ” I felt like Pastor Lewis was talking right to me!” Sermons at WMPC are based on scripture’s application to our lives today. Pastor Lewis will often preface his remarks by reminding  you that you may only need to focus on one Bible verse or one aspect of the sermon, take it home, mull it over, try to wrestle with its meaning for your life. Sermons cover topics such as ” What is your life’s biggest crisis?”, “Why do you always feel alone?”, “Are you fearful of tomorrow?”. Pastor Lewis provides written summaries of every sermon with scripture verses for you to take home for further study.


Music is a huge part of our worship experience at WMPC. It includes the 10 AM CD music of many different faith traditions, the Sunday School children’s songs led by Pastor Lewis with guitar, our organist Lisa Ostermann’s beautiful playing of the organ and piano, the Choir’s anthems, the Hymn Sing during the service when people choose their favorites for the congregation to sing, the solos with guitar or sung by our talented youth, and the country/western, Celtic and Christmas concerts we hold periodically. Join us in this very special part of our worship.


The Sacrament of Communion is held on the first Sunday of each month (except July). We celebrate open Communion, meaning you do not have to be a member of WMPC to join us in Communion. You only have to confess Christ as Lord and make your silent confession and request for forgiveness when others do during the service. The service concludes with the Closing Circle of Friendship in which we leave our pews and hold hands in a circle around the Sanctuary as we sing “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”.

Communion is also available to shut-in members and friends of the church in their homes or hospitals upon request.


Our Church provides a Healing portion of the Service on the last Sunday of alternate months. Intercessory prayers are given and those who would like the laying on of hands come forward for prayers specifically for them, said by Pastor Lewis and Pat Jones, the Healing Team.


Children are welcome in our church service. We love to hear little voices pipe up now and then. They are our future! But when parents prefer, children under 5 may go to the Nursery on the lower level during the service. They will be supervised by an adult or older youth and will be able to play or do crafts under supervision.

Religion and Art

Thanks to the many people who have contributed their own art work, we have a growing religious art collection in our church with prints from artists such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt. Many of the pieces are of special significance to individuals and are shared in the hope that they may inspire others as well. The art is displayed in the Sanctuary once a month.

Church Bell

As the carol goes, “Ring the Bells, Ring the Bells”! A rite of passage for our young children is to take their turn ringing the church bell, both before and after church. Accompanied by an adult, the children grab the huge rope in the bell closet and hold on for dear life as they make the bell ring out. Would your child like a turn ringing the church bell?

A favorite story in our church is that years ago the church attic and belfry housed a lot of pigeons. The neighbors used to get a kick out of watching the pigeons’ mass exodus when the church bell rang. The pigeons seem to have moved on, but occasionally some turkey vultures come to church. They can be seen perched on top of the cross.

Special Services

Join us for our Thanksgiving Eve Service at 7:30 PM the evening before Thanksgiving. This is a small, intimate service led by Pastor Lewis with group participation in prayer, discussion and song, a lovely way to formally express all we are thankful for.

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is held each year at 7:30 PM. The Sanctuary is decorated with beautiful Poinsettias and greenery, Christmas music plays before the service, Pastor Lewis and the Choir give the Christmas message in story and song, and the congregation forms a closing circle around the Sanctuary. The lights are dimmed while each person lights a candle as we sing “Silent Night”. After the benediction, the lights come up, the candles go out, and we greet each other with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. A beautiful celebration of the birth of our Lord.